it's a way to learn
for young people to undertake their
They will develop
skills that
will prepare for their future
as a responsible adult,
engaged citizen and
passionate professional.
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I am taking over it is ...

Taking on the next generation is offering young people the opportunity to experiment with the support of responsible adults, leaders of their community and the organization’s business network. Through our various programs, we want to offer continuous support to schools, young people and organizations that wish to provide supervision for the proposed projects.

Undertaking succession means demonstrating entrepreneurship through various projects.

Taking on the next generation means believing in the potential of young people and their desire to surpass themselves. By offering them support, advice and above all a professional presence, we want to develop more than a desire to be an entrepreneur; we want to increase their self-esteem, their leadership and their multiple talents. Through our programs, young people will develop many transversal skills that will make them the ideal succession of tomorrow.